मिर्जापुर, रोसड़ा, (समस्तीपुर), बिहार
11 - 12Aug2017


The Pedagogy Subjects under course 7a & 7b of B.Ed. 2017-19 batch students will be allocated

At Class Room


All Students of B.Ed. 2017-19 are hereby requested to get their method subjects allocated for both first and second year on 11/08/2017 to 12/08/2017. Once allocated, these will remain unchanged.

बी० एड्० कोर्स, सत्र 2017-19 का शिक्षण विषय (7a एवं 7b)

Pedagogy Subjects 7a & 7b of B.Ed. course, Session 2017-19
Roll No.Name of Student-TeacherMethod-I (7a)
(First Year)
Method-II (7b)
(Second Year)
1Kunal KumarPhysical ScienceMathematics
2Rahul AnandCommerceEconomics
3Devyanti KumariHindiHistory
4Pramod Kumar YadavEnglishHistory
5Vipul Kumar ChoudharyEnglishHistory
6Rupesh KumarSocial ScienceEconomics
7Amit Kumar
8Anil Kumar RoySocial ScienceHistory
9Neelam KumariHome ScienceGeography
10Dhiraj Kumar
11Abhinav KumarSocial ScienceHistory
12Manish Kumar Kapoor
13Anamica VermaPhysical ScienceBiological Science
14Amrita KumariSocial ScienceHistory
15Aditya AnandSocial ScienceHistory
16Amrita KumariHome ScienceGeography
17Arvind RautSocial ScienceHistory
18Rahul RajaCommerceEconomics
19Barun Kumar RaySocial ScienceHistory
20Lalan Kumar PaswanSocial ScienceGeography
21Abhinandan KumarPhysical ScienceMathematics
22Ram Prawesh Das
23Dilip Kumar Thakur
24Prabhat RanjanPhysical ScienceBiological Science
25Abhishek KumarPhysical ScienceMathematics
26Santosh KumarPhysical ScienceBiological Science
27Ajay Kumar KarnCommerceEconomics
28Amar KumarCommerceEconomics
29Nandan KumarSocial ScienceHistory
30Pankaj Kumar RajhanshEnglishPolitical Science
31Rajeev KumarSocial ScienceHistory
32Niranjan KumarHindiPolitical Science
33Kailash MahtoEnglishHistory
34Kanchan Mala
35Rajesh KumarHindiPolitical Science
36Pratibha KumariPhysical ScienceBiological Science
37Rajesh RamPhysical ScienceBiological Science
38Ram Nath PaswanSocial ScienceHistory
39Pallavi KumariCommerceEconomics
40Anjali Rani Social ScienceEconomics
41Sanjay KumarSocial ScienceHistory
42Minni Kumari
43Navnit Kumar
44Navin Kumar Paswan
45Khushboo RaniPhysical ScienceBiological Science
46Dilip KumarSocial ScienceHistory
47Ramendra Kumar Roy
48Dharm Raj
49Vikash Kumar JhaCommerceEconomics
50Ram Sukhit RoutSocial ScienceHistory
51Ramdas SahuPhysical ScienceMathematics
52Amarjeet KumarPhysical ScienceMathematics
53Shadhna KumariPhysical ScienceMathematics
54Sharmad AliPhysical ScienceMathematics
55Vijay Kumar SahniPhysical ScienceMathematics
56Priyanshu Priyatam
57Anjani KumariEnglishPolitical Science
58Amit KumarSocial ScienceHistory
59Indradev RaySocial ScienceHistory
60Amarjeet Kumar SahuEnglishHistory
61Mani Kant PrasadPhysical ScienceMathematics
62Narayan JeeSocial ScienceEconomics
63Sudhansu KumarPhysical ScienceMathematics
64Nidhi RaniSocial ScienceGeography
65Navin KumarEnglishHistory
66Naman KumarEnglishHistory
67Naveen Kumar SharmaPhysical ScienceMathematics
68Vivek KumarPhysical ScienceMathematics
69Rajesh KumarPhysical ScienceBiological Science
70Sunil Kumar SumanPhysical ScienceMathematics
71Md. Shamim AnsariSocial ScienceEconomics
72Shyam Nandan PanditPhysical ScienceMathematics
73Santosh Kumar ThakurSocial ScienceGeography
74Sanjay Kumar
75Kundan KumarCommerceEconomics
76Ankesh KumarEnglishHistory
77Abhishek RaushanPhysical ScienceMathematics
78Ranjan Kumar PanditPhysical ScienceMathematics
79Kanchan KumariHindiHistory
80Prabhu Narayan RautHindiEconomics
81Pappu PaswanPhysical ScienceMathematics
82Balram SharmaEnglishEconomics
83Rinku KumariPhysical ScienceBiological Science
84Sunil KumarSocial ScienceHistory
85Prabhat KumarPhysical ScienceBiological Science
86Rajeev RanjanEnglishHistory
87Ram Balak KumarPhysical ScienceMathematics
88Prerna KumariSocial ScienceHistory
89Md. Kamal Uddin
90Rajesh Kumar
91Raushan KumarEnglishHistory
92Sonu KumarSocial ScienceEconomics
93Amrendra Kumar Social ScienceHistory
94Lal Babu DasSocial ScienceEconomics
95Suman KumarSocial ScienceHistory
96Sikandra RamEnglishHistory
97Rajeev Kumar PaswanHindiPolitical Science
98Prabhat Kumar PrabhakarPhysical ScienceMathematics
99Lalit Kumar SahaniPhysical ScienceMathematics
100Deepak Kumar

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